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A Year Since Thanksgiving

For many people in the country, last Thanksgiving marked the first time they felt compelled to talk about politics over family dinner, and simultaneously horrified at the idea of doing so. For me, 2017 marked the first year I paid attention to headlines and politics every day. This was the first year I sought out updates on government and actually got involved contacting my representatives about legislation.

Facts have taken quite a hit this year. The very idea that facts are important seems to be up for debate. We’ve gotten to a point where debates on the merit of different ideas are pitting fact against opinion, as if they hold equal merit. As someone with a tech background that doesn’t like being wrong, I make it a priority to gather strong evidence before I make claims. When I want to discuss a contentious topic, I do research, understand the different viewpoints, and take time to get the facts straight.
One of the most challenging things is trying to debate with someone who isn’t…