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New Founders Conference

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the New Founders Conference in Chicago and speak on a panel about millennial engagement in politics. I met with so many inspiring leaders working to make the political process more fair and accessible to improve the state of the country.

Three years ago I moved from Chicago to the Bay Area, and this trip reminded me how much I’ve missed Chicago. Excited by my memory of the train stops, the order of streets north of the river, and my favorite boba place, I was happy for a chance to go back on a warm, sunny weekend for the conference. But until I was back for the New Founders conference,  I had never appreciated how diverse and socially conscious Chicago was. I grew up in LA and live in the Bay Area, so there are some significant gaps in my understanding of large segments of the country, especially districts that went red. Chicago is an incredible hub of art, tech, LGBTQ+ culture, finance, and education. It was the perfect backdrop for a conferenc…

How to Start Taking Action

Starting is the hardest step in making a change. Whether it’s learning a new skill, forming a new habit, or deciding to take a more active part in the democratic process. Setting realistic goals and ramping up slowly to where you want to be is sound advice, especially when gearing up to become an activist.
My experience with activism had always followed the same timeline. First, something tragic would happen, and I’d immediately want to do something. I’d research the issue, and every time, would come to the conclusion that ‘fixing’ the cause of the issue was so intrinsically complex, that I’d feel stuck. Then, I’d vow to stay up to date with the state of the world better. Check the news, proactively search for information, and look for volunteer work I could do that would have value. Inevitably, after a handful of weeks, the weight of reality would affect my mood and I would bail.  

Wanting to immerse fully in activism is noble, but can lead to complete disengagement. Balancing the sho…